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Roshan Chirag Capsules

  • Improves Semen Quality: Regular consumption of these capsules can effectively improve your semen quality. No added harmful or toxic ingredients. It can improve your semen quality within a few days.
  • Improves Semen Quantity: Increase your semen quantity by consuming this capsule daily.
  • Improves Active Sperm Count: The capsules are tested and proven Ayurvedic formulations to treat low sperm count in semen. Boost your sperm count and lead a blissful sexual life with regular intake.
  • Improves Sexual Abilities and Desire: Observe the difference in improved sexual desire and abilities with the Ayurvedic sperm count-enhancing medicine. It increases your sexual urge and enhances your sexual performance for longer.

Improves Male Fertility: Improves sexual health and eradicates infertility in men with its effective medicinal properties.



Product USP

Roshan Chirag Capsules is a 100% patent ayurvedic medicine to increase sperm count. This Ayurvedic medicine is most effective in enhancing the male reproductive system. With regular consumption of these capsules, you can get rid of morphological problems. It also boosts men’s sexual desire and performance.

About the Product 

Roshan Chirag Capsules are comprehensive Ayurvedic formulas containing herbal ingredients to treat male infertility and increase sperm count. The capsules help men diagnosed with low sperm count. The capsules are effective supplements to increase the ability to expel semen. The medicine also helps in increasing the quantity and quality of semen. The capsules provide a natural boost to the body’s immunity that helps deal with male infertility. Males suffering from oligospermia can experience a better sexual life with regular consumption of the capsules.

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