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Platomore Syrup

Product Features

  • Relieves Malaria and Dengue: The goodness of rich Ayurvedic herbs can
    relieve you if you have been suffering from dengue or malaria.
  • Increases Platelet Count in the Body: It acts as a potent tonic to increase the
    platelet count in your body.
  • Maintains Immunity: The rich herbs in the syrup can protect you from several
    diseases by maintaining strong immunity.


Product USP

PRINCE PHARMA Platomore Syrup is a 100% herbal remedy to reverse thrombocytopenia. The syrup is effective in curing malaria and dengue. It can increase your platelet count, white blood cells, and neutrophils. The rich medicinal properties
are also effective in maintaining your immune system.

About the Product

PRINCE PHARMA Platomore Syrup is a tested Ayurvedic formula containing herbal ingredients to treat platelet deficiency. The syrup helps patients diagnosed with malaria or dengue. The tonic is loaded with herbs like Giloy, Tulsi, Papaya leaves, Kiwi, and Black Pepper. The syrup provides a natural boost to the body’s immunity and helps fight disease. Patients suffering from dengue and malaria can notice a quick remedy for their disease after consuming it regularly. It can also help in maintaining the proper body fluid level. You are more prone to diseases if you have low immunity. Boost your immunity to prevent diseases with this rich Ayurvedic syrup.

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