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Nari Sukh Syrup

  • Prevents Anemia: Using this tonic can help provide iron and successfully treat iron deficiency commonly found in women.
  • Relieves Weakness: The goodness of Ayurveda is the most effective way to overcome weakness or difficulties during menstrual days.
  • Relieves Cramps and Pains: The anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties of the medicinal herbs are beneficial in relieving menstrual cramps and unbearable pains.
  • Relieves Digestive Weakness and Loss of Appetite: The active medicinal herbs used in the tonic prevent digestive weakness and appetite loss during periods.
  • Provides Strength & Stamina: The immunity-boosting tonic increases women’s strength and stamina. It relieves menopausal and menstrual disturbances, sleeplessness, depression, and irritability.



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Prince Pharma Nari Sukh Syrup is a 100% Ayurvedic immunity booster tonic for women. The tonic is a constituent of several medicinal herbs. The tonic is formulated for the restoration of hormonal balance in women. It is an excellent tonic for maintaining women’s menstrual and menopausal health.

About the Product

Prince Pharma Nari Sukh syrup is a rich Ayurvedic tonic to maintain women’s overall health. This Ayurvedic syrup is rich in medicinal herbs to maintain women’s hormonal balance. Women can rely on the tonic to ease menstrual symptoms. Regularly consuming this tonic can enrich blood circulation and stabilize menopausal symptoms. It maintains women’s blood circulation. The supportive remedial quality of the tonic is beneficial for treating physical and mental exhaustion. It also shows positive results in curing several other women’s health issues.

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