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Mensaf Syrup

Prince Pharma ayurvedic product Mensaf syrup regulates the menstrual cycle in women and makes the periods painless. The key features are:

  • Relieves painful period cramps
  • Reduces excessive bleeding
  • Boosts immunity all around
  • Enhances uterine health



It is formulated by an amalgamation of powerful herbs, which are as follows:

Musaber: Musaber treats menstrual irregularities.

Harmal Beej: It relieves painful cramps during periods.

Shonth: It regulates flow and maintains a healthy period. It stimulates blood flow in the uterine region.

Chitrak: Chitrak causes uterine contractions and stimulates menstrual flow.

Erand Karkati: It contracts uterine muscles and regulates oestrogen levels in the body. It also helps induce periods.

Indrayan: It maintains hormone levels in the body and regulates regular periods.

Lodhra: It is used to control severe menstrual bleeds. It possesses hemostatic and astringent qualities. It controls bleeding by tightening the blood vessels.

Kalaunji: It is a remedy for delayed periods. It also cures hormonal imbalances.

Langi: It promotes female fertility and regulates the cycle.

Utalkambal: It cures irregular periods and stimulates ovulation.

Majith: It leads to easy flow during periods and reduces cramps.

Bala: It treats bleeding disorders.

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha increases blood flow, enhances fertility, and synchronises the menstrual cycle. Ashwagandha strengthens the function of the adrenal glands and increases blood flow.

Shatavari: It promotes ovulation and reduces period pain.

Shivlinji beej: Shivlingi beej promotes fertility and raises the likelihood of conception. If the patient experiences brief periods with limited blood flow, this also aids in restoring the menstrual cycle to normal.

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