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Kasak Capsules

Kasak capsules, manufactured by Pripha, are an effective ayurvedic formulation to build strength and power with regular consumption.

The striking features are:

  • A perfect blend of immunity booster herbs and minerals
  • Possess neuroprotective effect
  • Enhances stamina

These capsules do not require a prescription to purchase. The capsules have no significant side effects.



Abhrak Basma: Abhrak Bhasma has aphrodisiac qualities that help with low sperm counts, stamina, and vigor.
Purified Kapilu: It gives energy to the body and enhances metabolism.
Kali Musli: The general state of ill health is greatly improved by kali musli. The Rasayana properties of this plant help to fortify the body and encourage the development of a strong immune system.
Talmakhana: Talmakhana improves immunity and is an excellent source of nutrients.
Bringraj: It nourishes the body and provides strength.
Utangan: It treats low sperm count and difficulty with micturition.
Ashwagandha: It boosts fertility to improve stamina, and health, besides increasing muscles strength.
Salam Panja: It has immunity-boosting properties and also treats gastrointestinal problems.
Kapur: With regular consumption of Kapur, the body witnesses increased strength.
Lavang: It enhances bone strength.
Shatavari: It contains antioxidants and develops the physique.
Akarkarha: The nervine tonic Akarkara boosts libido and nerve responsiveness.
Kaunch: It is suitable for boosting overall stamina.
Makkhan: The high nutritional value increases bodily strength.
Safed Musli: It’s most well-known for its restorative, energizing, and health-improving effects.
Purified Shilajit: It improves metabolic processes associated with fatigue, strength, and muscular mass.
Ras Sindur: It is used to strengthen the overall body.

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