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2 Much Breast Cream

Prince Pharma’s “2 Much Breast Cream” helps with breast enlargement and tightening.

The key features are:

  • Enhances muscle strength in the breasts
  • Helpful in the natural growth of breasts
  • Makes the breasts firm and uplifted



With the regular use of two breast creams, the effects are visible within weeks. The cream is to be used under the supervision of experts. The herbs used in the formulation of this cream are:

Khadir Chal: It strengthens the breast muscles, making them firmer. It contains phytoestrogen, which raises a woman’s body’s prolactin levels.
Haldi: It causes the mammary glands to be stimulated, which causes the breast tissue to enlarge.
Ral: It hydrates the breasts’ cells and tissues, giving them suppleness. It contains flavonoids that promote breast tissue formation.
Ghekwar: It shapes the cleavage line and reverses sagging by increasing the level of collagen Pro.
Jaitun oil: Massaging with Jaitun oil increases the breasts’ firmness and eliminates stretch marks on the skin. It increases blood flow toward the breast and gradually increases its size.
Gulab Pushpa: It helps with sagging breasts and gives the breasts a concrete shape. It makes the chest look pumped.
Eranda: It increases milk flow in lactating mothers if applied consistently. Applying an eranda to the breast tissues helps to increase nutrition for maintenance and repair while also enhancing lymphatic drainage, tissue detoxification, and nutrition absorption.
Phitkari: It reduces stretch marks on the breast and surrounding areas. It tightens the skin of the breast and makes it look more concrete.


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